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Pittsburgh G-20 Summit Delay Information

In case you have not heard, Pittsburgh has been chosen as the site of the G-20 Summit on September 24 - 25, 2009. While we are proud of our city, one could question the wisdom in choosing a smaller city with few international flights (and while we're on the subject, few non-stop flights in general), as well as some major congestion problems and a fairly complicated street layout and traffic system to those not familiar with it, to host a major international event. It's not like everyone doesn't love to have a major international meeting and all the chaos and protests it brings right in their own backyard! Of course we do! The important thing for citizens at this point is to be prepared for delays during the summit. Of course if you are not involved in the Summit, it might be best to take a little vacation that week. However, if you will be here in town, it will be important to check on business closings in the area around summit events if you are either working in these businesses or planning on patronizing them. Then of course there will be traffic issues; some information is already available, but this will change throughout the days leading up to the summit and during the summit, so be sure to check often! The protests that have been associated with prior G-20 summits are not insignificant, and we hope there will be no violence associated with them in Pittsburgh. None-the-less, even if they are peaceful, they will certainly contribute to traffic, delays and difficulty getting around.

Some Key Points:

Amtrak trains will not have service in or out of downtown Pittsburgh from September 24 - 26. Passengers may still change trains but will not be able to leave the platforms. Read the full details on the 3 day Pittsburgh downtown train station closure from Amtrak.

Closures and early dismissals will effect many Pittsburgh Schools. Schools with closures include Pittsburgh Public Schools (also early dismissals on Sep 23), Duquesne University, Carlow University, Community College of Allegheny County, and others. Check with your school or university for specific details.

Many Pittsburgh Downtown government offices will also be closed during the Pittsburgh G-20 Summit. This includes the federal courthouse on Grant St, the Pittsburgh City Council offices and the downtown PennDOT office. Please check with the offices for details.

There will be many road closures, as well as delays related to the airports. Follow the links below for details. Updates on airport road restrictions are supposed to be posted at flypittsburgh.com. It does not seem that all motorcade routes are being made public at this time, but these will certainly cause temporary delays.

Protests appear to be planned for places outside of the immediate location of the Pittsburgh G-20 Summit, so wherever you are heading, allow extra time, and avoid the major areas of congregation. An "Everywhere Protest" is planned for Friday morning, and if these protests take place, they are planned for many sites throughout the city (see map), but are scheduled to end at 11:30am. A Mass March is also planned on September 24 in the afternoon and this will go from Lawrenceville to the Convention Center, so stay clear of those areas if you don't want to be involved. If you would like to know where protests are taking place so as to avoid these areas, you can find a list at the Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance project.*


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Useful Links:

The Pittsburgh G-20 Partnership Home Page provides up to date information on all aspects of the Pittsburgh G-20 Summit

Here is the map of G-20 Pittsburgh Downtown road closures, information on Pittsburgh G-20 parking detours, and an interactive map of the Pittsburgh G-20 traffic plan with information on restricted areas, detours, entry points and parking locations. As of September 16, there does not appear to be a map available for Oakland road closures and highway closures. The Pittsburgh G-20 Partnership has set up a Your Commute page that also provides information and links.

The Port Authority of Allegheny County has set up a Pittsburgh G-20 Summit information page which will list the effect on bus and light rail routes during the summit. It is important to note that there will likely be detours and route changes the entire week of September 20 - 25, 2009, not just on the days of the Pittsburgh G-20 summit. Updates will also be available via Twitter (http://twitter.com/pghtransit) and you can also read the most recent "Tweets" below. You can also sign up for the Port Authority G-20 email list to receive schedule changes and updates during the Pittsburgh G-20 Summit.

If you are traveling by air, be sure to check the latest Pittsburgh flight delay information and flight status at eXpectdelaYs.com. Specific updates regarding road restrictions will be posted during the Pittsburgh G-20 Summit at www.flypittsburgh.com.

You can also check for Pittsburgh traffic and mass transit delays at eXpectdelaYs.com as well as Pittsburgh school closings.

Article on what's closed in Pittsburgh during the G-20 Summit (including schools, banks, courthouses) from the Pittsburgh Tribune. (Updated September 17, 2009)

If you are interested in learning about the G-20, you can learn more about them on their home page.

If you are interested in reading about the protests that have occurred around the recent London G-20 Summit in April to get a little feel for what might happen here, here are a few links:
Tens of thousands protest G20 summit and Thousands join London G-20 protest from MSN and CNN, respectively. Wikipedia has even done an article on the protest events at the recent London G-20 Summit. To get a feel for what might happen in Pittsburgh, there is a web page set up by the Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project, which, by the way, was the number 2 result in Google today when I searched for "Pittsburgh G20".*


These are the latest "Tweets" from the Port Authority regarding bus and light rail delays and schedule changes in Pittsburgh:

*Information on protests is provided for reader education and preparation and does not imply the support or lack of support for the protesters or the G-20 & Pittsburgh G-20 Parternship by eXpectdelaYs.com. We strongly believe in one's right to express their views in a NON-VIOLENT way, although all involved must obey all laws, and respect the rights of others, including the residents of the host city.